US Review of Books Recommends Undercover Debutante by Charlotte Laws

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In her third book, Laws chronicles her early life and search for her biological parents. Her memoir is filled with the kind of stories that are too outrageous to be fiction. Though she was adopted by a wealthy Southern family and grew up in Atlanta society, she made her way to Las Vegas as a young adult with only $500 and the determination to prove herself. Taking on a variety of jobs—including maid, actress, and private investigator, to name a few—she eventually continued her education in Southern California where she later became involved in politics and animal rights advocacy. Always at the core of her being was the question: Who are my parents?
Charlotte Laws

Laws is one of those writers who makes readers feel as if they are sitting across from her as she relates fascinating story after fascinating story. She has undoubtedly led an unusual life complete with encounters with the famous and infamous. Yet, she tells each story as if she is looking at her life from afar, not letting whatever emotional baggage she may be hauling interfere with its telling. Perhaps the ability comes from growing up as an adoptee in a life which is yours by chance rather than biology. Perhaps it comes from the many scenarios adopted children create around questions of their birth parents. Perhaps Laws is just a great storyteller who needs look no further than her own life for substance. Whatever it is, she has it. Her memoir is an entertaining and enlightening romp through her struggle to succeed. Readers will love the ride.

This book is RECOMMENDED. 

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