Good News and Bad News on the Animal Front

The Good News: Stuckey out of luck?

According to the Daily Breeze, Mayor Villaraigosa has fulfilled his campaign promise to fire Mr. Guerdon Stuckey, the General Manager of Animal Services. Although the Mayor's office has not confirmed the report, the animal community is cautiously optimistic.

Negative press about this issue has stalked the Mayor for the past two months. A majority of L.A. animal advocates have come to the conclusion that Mr. Stuckey is unable to move the city in the direction of "no kill."

Sixteen Directors of Animal Welfare (DAWs)--who were appointed through the Neighborhood Council system--sent a joint letter to the Mayor last week requesting his removal.

If the Daily Breeze article is accurate, the Mayor should be thanked. The Mayor's next step is to hire a competent and caring General Manager for Los Angeles Animal Services (LAAS).

The Bad News: CAO Report is huge (or elephantine!) disappointment.

Many in the animal community, including the Directors of Animal Welfare, want to see the local elephant exhibit closed and the three L.A. zoo elephants--Ruby, Gita and Billy—moved to a sanctuary. A 75-page CAO report came back stating that the taxpayers should fund a $33 million three-acre L.A. exhibit. Not only would this be disastrous for the elephants (who need at least 100 acres), but it would be burdensome for our city which is currently $268 million in debt. Some City Councilmembers have expressed their desire to see the elephants sent to a sanctuary. It is hoped that Mayor Villaraigosa will do the right thing for these beautiful and deserving creatures who are counting on him.


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