Readers' Favorite Review of Undercover Debutante by Charlotte Laws

Charlotte Laws is the author of Undercover Debutante
Undercover Debutante: The Search for my Birth Parents and a Bald Husband by Charlotte Laws is the recounting of the author’s days as a young woman as she tried to find out who were her biological parents and what transpired in her life moving forward. No one knows how hard life can be better than Charlotte. Adopted and then mistreated, she knew from early on that she was the only one who would ever stand up for her. So she did exactly that and kept her head high. Getting away from her adopted father was not easy, but she did her best. Life had planned some obstacles for her and she realized that when she started to search for her biological parents. From devil worship to being held at gunpoint, becoming a private eye and even working as a maid, she saw it all before she actually got a hold of her life. During these exciting and terrifying adventures, she found her true love in fighting for the ones who don’t have a voice of their own.

Who doesn’t know about Charlotte Laws? She is an unsung hero who does her due diligence and ensures that she gives her voice to the ones who don’t have one. It was a pleasure to see a side of her that I have never experienced before. It was heartbreaking how she didn’t hold back and shared the good, the bad and the ugly of her life with her readers. She shared her shortcomings, her passions, and her flaws with us openly and showed us that even though you don’t have much, you can always rebuild yourself from the ground up. I enjoyed reading about her life and her struggles; she made it easy with her word choices and the flow of her story. It was all so effortless! Beautifully poignant.

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