Sarah Palin Effigy: Now Hanging Around a Republican's House

The torch (or noose) has been passed. When a Sarah Palin effigy—a mannequin hanging with a rope around its neck--was removed from a front yard in West Hollywood, California, I immediately erected one at my home in Woodland Hills, California as a bold, political statement. Next to the effigy are pictures of smiling Sarah by her bloody kill. I ask the question, “Which is more offensive? Palin’s butchered animal corpses or a plastic doll attached to the roof?”

The turmoil created by the West Hollywood effigy is hard to comprehend when one compares it with the lack of concern (by most media, politicians and members of the public) for Palin’s heartlessness on animal issues and cluelessness about the environment.

Palin’s hunting abilities are exalted because she is a woman. Female politicians typically act like males in order to appear tough enough to compete for the White House, whereas Palin has been able to remain feminine and exude a tough image through her murder of animals. It is disturbing that this cruelty is praised rather than condemned.

McCain has lost Republican and independent votes by choosing an enthusiastic animal killer as his running mate. I am a registered Republican and strong John McCain supporter. Although I worked on McCain’s 2000 campaign and believe he would be an excellent President, I hope for an Obama victory. My daughter, who calls herself a very conservative Republican, has already cast her vote for the Democratic ticket.

Palin should not have any power, any access to the White House or any access to John McCain. She would set animal welfare and environmentalism back decades. I am disturbed by McCain’s recent comments on Larry King Live in which he admitted that he would have to reconsider drilling in ANWR because Sarah will insist.

There are a growing number of Republicans and independents who cast their vote, in large part, based on candidate’s platform and record on animal issues. Politicians in both parties should recognize this fact.

Sarah will be hanging out at my house until after the election.


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