The Sarah Palin Pick: McCain the Maverick is Back

When introducing his vice-presidential pick, Senator John McCain made it clear that he will run on his maverick credentials. He tossed the right-wing Republicans the lifeboat they wanted: a pro-life running mate; then, in so many words, asked them to leave him alone and let him go back to being the independent and non-partisan that he is. The McCain of 2000 has re-emerged. He will run on a ticket of change. His credentials for shaking up Washington and upsetting the status quo overshadow those of Senator Barack Obama.

Palin may or may not draw Hillary Clinton voters, but I surmise that this was not McCain’s primary goal. Although he wanted to appeal to women voters, his real goal was to appeal to Independents and Reagan Democrats. Notice how he spoke about eliminating government waste, toppling special interests, bringing ethics and reform to government and helping struggling Americans?

Does Palin have the experience to be commander in chief? No, but I think that a selection of Senator Joe Lieberman as Secretary of State would silence those fears.

Stay tuned…..

P.S. As an animal rights advocate, I am disappointed in Palin’s obvious lack of regard for animals. She brags about her love of hunting and fishing, and internet sources say she has attempted to oust protected species from the endangered list. I suppose no candidate is perfect, but this is unfortunate.


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This is certainly going to be a tight race!

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