No Kill Animal Shelter Proposal for Oakland, California

I spent the past year researching the animal shelter situation both in Oakland and elsewhere in the U.S. I have interviewed over 100 individuals from government, the humane community, rescue groups and animal services departments. I have learned that “no kill” is an achievable goal.

Four months ago, I completed a proposal for the city of Los Angeles. I also recently asked Governor Schwarzenegger to establish a California Animal Commission which would assist cities and counties in achieving the “no kill” goal. I have not received a final word from the Governor’s office, but am hopeful. The Commission would provide suggestions and proposals to localities that desire assistance.

I put many hours into my 54 page proposal. I hope you will find my research and suggestions useful. Most of these ideas have been successful elsewhere. The main part of the proposal can be found at

Click here for the exact link.

Feel free to leave comments on this blog and please urge Oakland to move towards "no kill." Thank you.


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