Charlotte Laws Appears on Television in Australia

 Charlotte Laws's full interview on the Australian TV show Insight is now online. SBS network. The topic is revenge. This is the link.

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Charlotte Laws: Interviewed in Voyage LA Magazine

Charlotte Laws is interviewed in Q and A for Voyage LA Magazine. March 6, 2023. Click to read the interview. She discusses her life as an author, activist and TV presenter. She emphasizes that persistence is the key to success and "othercentrism" (helping others - both human and nonhuman) is the key to happiness. 


Charlotte Laws Speaking at the Wilson Center - Washington D.C. - March 20, 2023

Dr. Charlotte Laws will be speaking at the Forum on Cyber-Harassment on March 20, 2023 in Washington DC. The event is hosted by the Wilson Center.  Click to get tickets or attend. 

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Charlotte Laws - Social Media Links - Twitter, Instagram and Facebook


Many of you have requested links to Charlotte's social media. Here they are:


Charlotte Laws on Twitter @CharlotteLaws


Charlotte Laws on Instagram @DrCharlotteLaws


Charlotte Laws on Facebook

The Charlotte Laws Fan Page on Facebook


Feel free to follow, friend or link up with Charlotte. She loves comments & conversation! 


Charlotte Laws - TV and Podcast Appearances

Charlotte Laws on Inside True Crime - Nov 20, 2022

Charlotte Laws on the Mornin' Show in Sept 2022

Charlotte Laws on the Adam Carolla Show in October 2022

Charlotte Laws interviewed in October 2022

Charlotte Laws on the Mornin' Show in November 2022

Another photo of Charlotte Laws on the Adam Carolla Show

Charlotte Laws on the Dr. Phil Show in November 2022

Another shot from Dr. Phil

On the "red carpet" at the Dr. Phil Show

Charlotte Laws, Kayla Laws and Dr. Phil

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Charlotte Laws in New York Sept 2022 - Taping the Tamron Hall Show

 Charlotte Laws with Tamron Hall & Danielle Green just after taping the show

Another shot of Charlotte Laws with the others

Shots of Charlotte Laws on the show

Charlotte Laws with reporter Camille Dodero

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Charlotte Laws - TV Appearances

Charlotte Laws on Access Hollywood

Charlotte Laws on Banfield

Charlotte Laws on The Dr. Drew Show

Charlotte Laws on GBN

Charlotte Laws on Good Day L.A.

Charlotte Laws on Inside Edition

Charlotte Laws on the Tamron Hall Show

Charlotte Laws on The News Desk UK

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New Netflix Series: Charlotte Laws' Battle Against "The Most Hated Man on the Internet"


This new three-part limited series is about Charlotte Laws' crusade to take down a revenge porn empire.

Revenge porn kingpin, Hunter Moore, started a website,, in which he posted nude pictures of mostly females without their consent. He linked the photos to the victims’ names, social media accounts, and other personal information in an effort to ruin their lives. IsAnyoneUp had a cult following of thousands: misogynists, bullies, and trolls. Moore regularly encouraged victims to commit suicide and bragged about being the “most hated man on the Internet.” People were afraid of him. No one thought he could be touched.

But when Moore posted a topless picture of Charlotte Laws’ daughter, she vowed to take him down. She had the necessary tools: perseverance, investigative skills (as a former private eye), an activist ethos (as a leader on various causes: civil rights, animal advocacy, and LGBTQ rights), and passion as a mother protecting her daughter.

Executive producer Alex Marengo told Raw TV, “I immediately saw that this story could make an utterly compelling series: a crusade for justice against all odds wrapped up in a world of real-life and online depravity.”

It streams on Netflix July 27, 2022 and is titled "The Most Hated Man on the Internet."

*The above "after" photo was taken the night Charlotte Laws went undercover to help a victim serve legal papers on "The Most Hated Man" at a Long Beach "scene kid" event.

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Charlotte Laws - First Interviews of her Life - in the early 1980s

These old photos were recently found. They are of Charlotte Laws in the early 1980s. They depict her first two national TV interviews. It is believed that she was 24 years old at the time & discussed dating and relationships. 

Unfortunately, the video of these interviews is damaged. Only the photos remain. 


Charlotte Laws and Pamelyn Ferdin at lunch in Westlake Village

 Charlotte Laws and Pamelyn Ferdin at lunch in Westlake Village. November 2020.