Animal Advocates for Trump: Newt Gingrich for Veep

Trump should pick Newt Gingrich as his running mate, a move which would be reminiscent of George W. Bush’s selection of Dick Cheney in 2000. Newt is a bulldog when it comes to political experience. Plus, he has the ability to work well with Congress, familiarity with foreign affairs, talent as a vigorous debater, and credentials as a conservative, which may calm folks on the right who are leery of Trump’s independent flair. But my friends and I prefer Newt for one very specific reason: he cares about animals. Yes, you heard me right. A large number of animal advocates are supporting Trump and encourage him to choose a running mate who has compassion for the abused, forgotten and oppressed in American society: nonhuman animals. Let’s make America great for all of God’s creatures.